Play/Rewind 2016 CGC Conference: Call For Papers


11th Annual Communication Graduate Conference

March 3-4, 2016 | River Building

To understand the present and shape the future, we must confront and critique the past. Our 11th annual conference, Play/Rewind, invites explorations in communication that look backward to move forward. When we invite ‘play’ into communication we get a sense of lightheartedness, of fun, and of spectacle. Play suggests malleabili-ty, change, and transformation. Yet beneath this frivolity are anxieties over our increasingly myopic and entertainment-minded society.

We rewind to consider what has come before. New discoveries emerge from the gaps and missed connections of previous ones. To rewind is to remember; to replay, to search for what was missed, to consider what came be-fore. Between the moment of rewind and play is ‘pause’ – a state in which we can critically reflect before mov-ing on to new discoveries, new experiences, and the next part of the story.

Both of the concepts of ‘play’ and ‘rewind’ could stand on their own, but when working in tandem they operate as a give and take of ideas. An exchange. They ask questions of our present and future, while recalling the past that paved the way.

The conference theme, Play/Rewind, encourages submissions examining a broad range of topics and themes, such as a rethink of history or performance studies, the politics of play, digital activism, emergent technologies, or digital and social media. Other examples of themes and issues that paper presentations may address include:

• Entertainment, spectacle, and ludology

• Remediation, intertextuality, and transmedia analysis

• Creative and cultural industries, cultural and media policy, ideology and practice

• Representation and identity

• Relationship between the self and communication technology

• Memory and identity

Our conference offers an opportunity for graduate students to present their work, receive feedback, and compete for the Canadian Journal of Communication Student Paper Prize. In addition, you will have the opportunity to network with colleagues from across the country.

We welcome 250-word abstract proposals for individual paper presentations and panels. Panel proposals should include both a 250-word abstract for the panel, explaining how it relates to the conference theme, and a 250-word abstract for the paper.

The annual Attallah Lecture will take place during the conference, featuring Dr. Mia Consalvo, Canada Research Chair in Game Studies and Design at Concordia University and author of Cheating: Gaining Advantage in Video Games. Dr. Consalvo runs the mLab, which is developing innovative methods for studying games and game players, and is the President of the Digital Games Research Association.

Please send your 250-word abstract and panel proposals to by JANUARY 02, 2016 Include “CGC conference submission” in the email subject line.

Upon abstract acceptance, students are encouraged to submit their papers for the Canadian Journal of Communication Student Paper Prize. To be considered for the prize, the full paper must be submitted by February 12th.

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