Executive Profiles

Meet the 2015-2016 Executive Team

The CGC is pleased to introduce you to our 2015-2016 Executive Team!
Jason Rothery, President

A former professional theatre artist, Jason Rothery is a 3rd-year PhD student in Communication Studies, School of Journalism and Communication, at Carleton University. He holds an MA in Humanities from York University, and a BFA in Creative Writing from the University of British Columbia. Favourite research topics include best-worst movies and ironic cinephilia, and the medium-specific study of narrative and narrative systematicity. As a heuristic component of his doctoral research, Jason is adapting China Miéville’s novel The City & The City for the stage. The full production will premiere in Vancouver in the fall of 2016.

Nadia Hai, Vice President

Nadia Hai is a PhD student in Carleton University’s School of Journalism and Communication. Her current research area of interest is how insurgent groups like al Qaeda and ISIS promote their cause to Western audiences through their online English-language texts. She completed both a Bachelor of Arts in Law and Society and Masters’ degree in Culture and Society at the University of Calgary. Her Master’s thesis, The Rhetoric of Terrorism: A Rhetorical analysis of Inspire Magazine examined how Al Qaeda promoted their cause to Western audiences through their English-language magazine, Inspire.

Scott Mitchell, Conference Co-Chair

A former newspaper columnist and writer, blogger, and cartoonist with Maclean’s magazine, Scott Mitchell is a PhD student in Carleton University’s School of Journalism and Communication. After completing a BSc in Biomedical Sciences and then a Master of Science with research in bioinformatics, Scott decided to focus his research interests on the public communication of science, risk communication, social and digital media platforms, and visual culture. His current research is examining how contagious diseases such as Ebola are visually constructed across news, social, and entertainment media, and how this may impact public health responses. When he’s not boring people with lengthy descriptions of his research interests, Scott enjoys making illustrations, infographics, and animations that are also related to his research interests.

Jess Wind, Conference Co-Chair

Hailing from BC, Jess Wind came to Carleton for zombies. She completed a BA honours, in English with a concentration in creative writing at the University of the Fraser Valley. Initially, she took media and sociology courses to bolster her writing, but fell in love with research along the way. Broadly, her research interests include popular culture, gender and sexuality, and geek media, with a current focus on the proliferation of zombies in popular culture. When not surrounded by the undead, she splits her time between writing, sports, and drinking coffee. Ultimately, Jess wants to continue to write about the things she loves for audiences in both academic and public circles.


Joanne Farrall, Communications Chair

Joanne is currently a PhD student in Communications at Carleton. She holds an MA from Queen’s in Gender Studies, and a combined BA (hons) from UBC in Psychology and Gender Studies. Her current research looks at how personal narrative, visual autobiography, trauma, and identity building intersects with systemic cultures of violence in an online context. This involves looking at not only how individuals choose to tell their own stories of trauma online, but how, for victims of violence, these stories can be picked up, manipulated and used for political purposes by various stakeholders. Joanne is the mother of two boys (and a puppy). She is lover of cartoons, plays a pretty mean game of texas holdem, and is an avid video game player and reader of science fiction, french philosophy and queer theory.


Sabrina Wilkinson, Social Chair

Sabrina Wilkinson is a second year MA student in Communication. She is currently researching and writing her thesis concerning the precarious labour conditions of contract journalists. She is an avid reader and runner.

2015-10-25 00.06.44
Anna Shah Hoque, GSA Representative

Anna Shah Hoque holds a B.A.Combined Honours in Canadian Studies and Communication Studies with a Minor in Sexuality Studies from Carleton University. While her research interests cover a wide-range of topics related to communication and identity, she is particularly intrigued in examining hierarchies and normative discourses. Currently, she is preoccupied in deconstructing narratives around representations of race, class, gender, and sexuality that emerge from everyday artifacts such as monuments in the capital landscape, and daily magazine publications.

Bethany Berard, GSA Representative

Bethany Berard researches the intersections of visual and political communication. Broadly interested in the “visual turn” in contemporary society her research focuses on how images are used in public presentation of policy initiatives to determine if they are an effective method for engaging and informing the public. Additional research interests include theories of the public sphere and democracy, multiculturalism and law in Canada, and an emerging interest in material culture and the relationship between art and technology. Bethany’s most effective method of communication is gif, and has yet to find a television show as wonderful as The West Wing, not for lack of trying.

Julie Pashiro, First Year MA Representative

Julie is a first year MA student in the Department of Communications. My undergraduate background is in geography, with a specialization in environmental studies. My interests include hashtags; more specifically the investigation of hashtags as a mode to propagate dietary modalities as well as hashtags role in dietary legitimacy.

Josh Horton, Member-at-large

Joshua Horton comes to Ottawa all the way from Sydney, Nova Scotia, where he completed his B.A. (Honours) in Communication at Cape Breton University. Josh has worked as a news announcer and promotions team member for two radio stations, a quick-service restaurant swing manager, a research assistant, a communication facilitator of experiential learning labs, a customer service rep at two call centres, and most recently at a startup tech company before coming to Carleton. This diverse professional background has allowed him to experience the different roles communication plays in day-to-day life. Josh’s research interests include just about all forms of media, especially social media, and they ways they affect human communication. He’s also interested in politics, news media, and issues affecting the LGBTQ community. Outside the academic world, Josh enjoys drinking Earl Grey tea and reading past his bedtime.


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