2015 CGC Conference–Failure: Interruptions, Confrontations, and Silences

10th Annual Communication Graduate Caucus Conference
March 5-6, 2015
River Building, Carleton University, Ottawa

From blackouts and security breaches, to misrepresentations and disconnections, failure is a crucial component of communication. Our 10th annual conference, Failure: Interruptions, Confrontations, and Silences, invites explorations into the ways communication is impeded, shaped, and even enabled by forms of failure. As an articulation of conflict, degradation, and misunderstanding, failure is intimately tied to ideas of success and change in political, socio-economic, and cultural spheres. In the wake of broken and silenced speech and actions, failure undergirds the drive for improved forms of communication — motivating revisions to public policies, networks, media representations, and everyday practices. The idea of communication is intimately tied to varied forms of fallibility, and in this multivalent vein, we invite scholars to envision failure as communicative interruptions, as provoking confrontations, as inducing silences, and as undergirding successes.

FAILURE_Poster_v7 (1)

2015 Conference Program

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