Executive Profiles

Meet your CGC 2014-2015 Execs!

IMG_5096 headshot

President: Emily Hiltz
Emily Hiltz studies the intersection of female criminality and sexuality in popular culture. A fourth-year doctoral candidate, she examines the construction of female notoriety in film, television, and crime news. Emily also instructs at Carleton, currently teaching Vigilantes, Victims, and Villains, as well as Communication and Identity in 2015. A MA graduate of Western University’s Media Studies program, her other research interests include: Children’s literature, monster theory, and research methodology. She is also a researcher for the Ottawa Coalition to End Violence Against Women. (Photo credit: S&A Photography)


Vice President: Caitlin Turner
Caitlin Turner is a third year PhD student who holds an MSc in Conflict Analysis and Resolution from George Mason University and a BA in Urban Studies from the University of Calgary. Her research interests include: intersections between technology, gender and resistance; as well as the use of ICTs in conflict emergence and escalation. Professionally, Caitlin is an Assistant Editor for the International Journal of Peace Studies, a member of the Editorial Cell and contributing writer at Unrest Magazine, and currently works for the Canadian Media Concentration Research Project (CMCRP). (Photo credit: S&A Photography)


Social Co-Chair: Courtney Tracey
Courtney Tracey is a second year M.A. student in Communication Studies at Carleton University. She is a gym junkie and sub-par biography composer. Her research interests include fitness technologies, gender, and health.

Social Co-Chair: Peter RoumeliotisIMG_1606
Peter Roumeliotis completed his BA at Carleton University in Communications with a Minor in Music after obtaining a Diploma of Collegial Studies in Cinema and Video Communications at Dawson College in Montreal. He is currently an MA graduate student in Communications at Carleton University with a primary research interest in Social Media. Prior to this, Peter worked as a Concert Promoter in Montreal, Eastern Ontario and Ottawa where he promoted a variety of musical acts from all over North America. During his MA studies, Peter is working at the Quebec Major Junior Hockey League (QMJHL) as their Social Media Coordinator. His academic and career interest focuses on social media use as a marketing tool in the entertainment industry.


Conference Co-Chair: Sarah Harney
Sarah Harney is a second year PhD student in Communications at Carleton University. She holds a Masters degree in Communications and Social Justice from the University of Windsor, and a BA from McMaster University. Her research interests include social movements, new media, and surveillance.

Conference Co-Chair: Èva MorinIMG_1616
Èva Morin is a second-year M.A. student in Communication Studies at Carleton University. She is a pop culture junkie, a fierce trivia competitor, and a BBQ connoisseur. Her research interests include gender and sexuality, inclusive technologies, and dark comedy. She is currently working on her Master’s Thesis which explores the question of the female body in the television program, “It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia”

IMG_1609Communication Officer: Henry Guardado
Henry Guardado is a second-year M.A. in Communication student and a federal public servant. He holds a B.A. in Communication with a minor in American Sign Language and co-hosted a weekly music/magazine radio program, “Friday Night Derailment,” from 2009 to 2013 at Carleton University. His M.A. thesis examines how Central American telecommunication regulators have addressed the Digital Divide. When not busy with school work, Henry enjoys staying active and playing/listening to music.

Communication Officer: Kyle DiplockIMG_1607
Kyle Diplock is a second year M.A. student in Communications at Carleton. He did his B.A. in Communication at the University of Ontario Institute of Technology. His current research interests involve online communities and participatory culture. Kyle hopes to one day rule the world with his sidekick, Pinky and the Brain style.
IMG_1613Graduate Student Association’s Representative: Jennifer Maybank
Jennifer Maybank hails from New Brunswick, Jennifer is a graduate of St. Thomas University where she completed her BA in Journalism and History. After working in marketing and communications back East, Jennifer is now pursuing her MA in Communication at Carleton University where she is looking at the symbolic value of mega-events, municipal image-building, and their relationship to urban development in Canada. Outside of school, Jennifer describes herself as a compulsive reader, news and pop culture junkie, and 90s nostalgic.
Graduate Students Association’s Representative: Simon VodreyIMG_1619
Simon Vodrey: Holds a Master’s degree in Communications from Carleton University’s School of Journalism and Communication and is currently a second year doctoral candidate at that same institution. His Master’s thesis was entitled The Birth of Modern Journalism & the War Between the States. Aside from journalism history, Simon’s current research involves assessing the validity of numerous commonly assumed forms of political influence.
IMG_1632MA 1 Representative: Kevin Smith
Kevin Smith is a 1st year M.A. student, studying Communications. He is mostly interested in things that infuriate him, such as “Bad Science” (mainly alternative medicine, climate change denial, and the anti-vaccine movement, among others). Strongly maintains that the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy is the greatest thing ever created.
Conference Assistant: Nadia HaiIMG_1626
Nadia Hai is a PhD student in Carleton University’s School of Journalism and Communication. Her current research area of interest is how extremist groups like al Qaeda and ISIS produce online media to appeal to Western, English- speaking audiences. She completed both her Bachelors and Masters’ degrees at the University of Calgary. Her Master’s Thesis The Rhetoric of Terrorism: A Rhetorical Analysis of Inspire Magazine focused on Inspire, al Qaeda’s online English-language magazine and the rhetorical strategies used by the authors to make the movement more appealing to Western Audiences.
IMG_1604Conference Assistant: Sündüs Kabaca
Sündüs Kabaca is a second year MA student in Communication at Carleton. She did her B.A. in English Literature in Bogazici University, Turkey. Her current research interests involve persuasion, collective action and transnational communication. She hopes to live in a world where not even one soul will judge the other because of differences, because communication is and always will be possible.
Member at Large: Jason RotheryRothery_SBUHeadshot
A former professional theatre artist, Jason Rothery completed his BFA in Creative Writing at UBC and his MA in Humanities at York. Jason’s doctoral research focuses on the intersection of narrative and play in new and old media alike. Favourite research topics include product placement, codes and conducts of anonymity, and “ironic cinephilia.” Jason also likes cooking, camping, and cycling.

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