CGC 2013 Annual Conference Registration is Now Available Online!

The Carleton University Communication Graduate Caucus (CGC) in conjunction with the Paul Attallah lecture series is pleased to announce the 2013 CGC Annual Graduate Conference: [Re]Visions: Protest and Resistance.

Register online here! 

Recent world events, institutional changes, and new technologies call for a reconsideration of concepts in communication studies. They force us to (re)envision communicative practices, codes, and cultures. How are they changing, if at all? What does this mean for communication scholarship? This conference will focus on (re)visions in communication through the manifestations of protest, and resistance in all areas of communication scholarship. Such questions present themselves across a wide spectrum of inquiry including, but not limited to, political protest, changing cultural codes, re-appropriation of media and technology, cultural resistance, the revision of histories, narratives, and ideologies, and others. In each of these areas, individuals, groups, technologies, social movements and others find themselves at the centre of power and play important roles challenging norms and traditions.


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