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Workshop: Sociology and the Socially Mediated Self -Jeff Pooley – RSVP Required

Carleton IconDate: Thursday, February 28, 2013

Time: 12:00pm until 1:30pm

Location: 3112 River Building Carleton University

This workshop reviews a rapidly growing body of research–work centered on social media and the self–in order to track the relative contributions of sociology and psychology. The review suggests that sociologists remain on the margins, markedly outnumbered by psychologists and especially communication scholars. More important, most of the social-network-and-identity work produced by communication researchers bears the intellectual and methodological imprint of psychology. Judging by this small island of research, the workshop concludes that communication remains psychologized.

The workshop is limited to our faculty and graduate students and requires an RSVP (in return, you get a free lunch out of the deal courtesy of the School).

RSVP to chris.russill@gmail by FEB 22, 5:00PM to attend & receive LUNCH!


4 thoughts on “Workshop: Sociology and the Socially Mediated Self -Jeff Pooley – RSVP Required

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